Pitching opportunities with AAPS

Hi Everyone, We have just confirmed some exciting speaking and pitching opportunities for the last part of 2018, and updated the Where We Are page accordingly. Over the next few months, Alex will be taking manuscript assessments, or direct pitches at Conflux in...


Brisbane-based literary agency Alex Adsett Publishing Services is quickly establishing itself as a successful force in the market.
After starting the agency only eighteen months ago, emerging agent Alex Adsett has successfully brokered sales of six books from eleven authors to publishers. Two deals were locked in during the 2013 Sydney Writers Festival, with a third finalised this week. More sales are currently under final negotiation.
“After more than a year of submitting our manuscripts to publishers, and receiving some great feedback but essentially a lot of rejections, it was such a pleasure to get these first sales,” Ms Adsett said.
“And to know there were publishers out there who loved these manuscripts as much as we did.”
AAPS focuses on under-represented areas of genre fiction, encompassing crime, science fiction, fantasy and romance.

Living Through Interesting Times

It has become more a mantra than even a cliché, but “we’re living in interesting times” is repeatedly chanted by book industry insiders. And aren’t we just! There are more opportunities for writers than ever before. That is, there are more opportunities to write,...

Review of D Publishing

It has been great to see so much discussion about the D Publishing contract recently, not because of the contract itself, but because as a Publishing Contract Consultant, it is heartening to see the rest of the publishing world care about contract fine print as much...