Who’s Afraid? launches in Australia

Jan 17, 2016 | Author news, News & Articles

Maria signing booksWho’s Afraid? by our dynamic bombshell of an author Maria Lewis was released into the wild on 12th January, followed by first a private pre-launch event at Better Read Than Dead on 13th Jan – hosted by Rae Johnston and featuring werewolf cafe and incredible tote bags- and then the huge book and art show launch at Kinokuniya on 14th Jan – hosted by Marc Fennell and attended by more than 100 people. It has been a wild few days, with Maria managing to sell out Booktopia within 24 hours, make a few bestseller lists, and pique the interest of Tarantino himself. There’s much more news to come with Who’s Afraid? so maybe grab a copy while they’re in stock!

Maria and Rae Johnston 2 Maria Lewis Alan Baxter Marc and MariaBRTD Bestseller  Tote bags Werewolf cake

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