Smashed Avocado TV Deal

May 22, 2020 | Author news, News & Articles

Alex Adsett Publishing Services is delighted to announce the sale of film and television rights for Nicole Haddow’s Smashed Avocado: How I Cracked the Property Market and You Can Too (published by Nero) to the incredible team at Good Thing Productions.

The sale was brokered in 2019 via literary agent Alex Adsett as part of a three-way auction. Good Thing Productions are the film and television company behind last year’s powerful documentaries, 2040 and The Australian Dream. They look for compelling storytelling to reach a wide audience and empower change.

Alex is thrilled they saw something special in Nicole and Smashed Avocado to develop into a series empowering more Australians to achieve home ownership and seek innovative ways to reach their goals. Through Nicole’s own journey, insightful research, exploration of diverse stories and clear advice, Smashed Avocado provides the roadmap to property security that so many Australians – young and old – are looking for.

Sophy Williams, Publisher at Nero, said, “Smashed Avocado will adapt brilliantly to the screen. Nicole has a perfect blend of authority and down-to-earth Aussie practicality, all with more than a dash of charm.”

Charlotte Wheaton, Good Thing Productions producer added, “We’re incredibly excited to be working with Nicole on adapting Smashed Avocado into a TV series, a home grown product that resonates internationally and provides not only a roadmap to home ownership in the new world, but a framework for different generations to discuss it. ”

Good Thing Productions will develop the series into short and long forms of content, for access across various network or streaming services. With a focus on clear information for those wanting to explore the property market, Nicole will be actively involved, bringing her brand of energy and insight to this often intimidating subject. Smashed Avocado is published by Nero, and available at all good bookstores and as an ebook.

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