Pitching opportunities in a time of COVID

Aug 11, 2020 | News & Articles

I am pretty clear on my submission guidelines that authors who would like to submit to the agency need to have met a few criteria – they need to be recommended by someone I know and trust (Sidenote #1 this means you have to ask someone I know to actually get in touch and recommend you, not just have vaguely mentioned my name one time), or they need to have met me somewhere and had a bit of a chat. This includes formal pitch sessions, at a pre-book launch mingle, or over the morning tea cupcakes at a conference. (Sidenote #2: if you’re an emerging author who has been bumping into me at conferences for years, this counts as an invitation to pitch!) .  I understand that event cupcakes and in-person book launches are not as available as they were before, but there are still plenty of online opportunities to meet me, or many industry people, if you keep an eye out for them.

I have been getting a lot of submission queries about how people can meet me, and while this is a little frustrating because I’ve been doing so many online events,  I thought I would do a shout out for a Pitching Workshop that New England Writers Centre and I have just agreed to move from in-person to online, and open it up to everyone. There are just a few spots, but book in for this Thursday 13th August from 4 – 6.30pm, and get an overview of agents, publishing, pitching, and the chance to pitch your manuscript to the room for feedback.

The Perfect Pitch with Alex Adsett

Thursday 13th August 4 -6.30pm

Hosted by New England Writers’ Centre

This will probably be my last one of these until November, although I’m also appearing online at Romance Writers Conferencethis weekend, talking about The Top Ten Tricks and Traps of Publishing Contracts.

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