HarperCollins acquires debut novel Thoroughly Disenchanted

Oct 30, 2023 | News & Articles

HarperCollins has acquired ANZ rights to Alexandra Almond’s debut fantasy novel Thoroughly Disenchanted.

HarperCollins fiction publisher Anna Valdinger acquired the book from Abigail Nathan at Alex Adsett Literary.

The cosy fantasy follows Genevieve and Oliver, former lovers who’ve been trapped in a country house since they were cursed 100 years before. With eternal youth having lost its appeal due to the lack of any other company besides the occasional lost traveller and Oliver’s best-friend-with-benefits, they’re determined to find a way to break the spell.

Almond says she approached this as a kind of “escape room” experience, with the focus on the personal and emotional journeys of the characters, as much as the physical one. The result is a novel Valdinger describes as “a sparkling delight – warm and funny and cosy and thought-provoking, and just what we want to read right now.”

HarperCollins will publish Thoroughly Disenchanted in December 2024

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