Congratulations to Trent Jamieson

Jun 5, 2023 | News & Articles

The Best Horror Novel prize at the Aurealis Awards was awarded to Trent Jamieson for his novel The Stone Road (Brio Books and Erewhon), which is a haunting, bittersweet fantasy where the dead speak beneath your feet and twisted monsters hunger for their lost humanity.

Trent says: ‘Winning an Aurealis Award for one of the most challenging books I have ever written means the world to me. There’s a lot of writing awards out there, but this one has my heart because it comes from the people that read what I read and love. We’re an eccentric, weird and wonderful bunch, and I’m proud to be one of them.’

‘I never expect to be published, let alone shortlisted for an AA, and certainly never dream of winning one. That it happens from time to time absolutely blows my mind.’

‘Thank you to everyone that has ever had to put up with me whinging about this book, and its very troubled road. For a while it actually felt like the whole thing was cursed (seriously).’

‘And thank you to Alex Adsett, who believed in this book that I loved, and kept pushing long after I thought it would never find a home. There’s a reason it’s dedicated to her. Her faith and determination kept me going. Look at the beautiful thing we made, A.’

Congratulations to Trent on winning an Aurealis Award for his incredible, beloved gem of a novel. The awards recognise the best science fiction, fantasy and horror writing published in 2022 in Australia. 

We also congratulate Alan Baxter, who was shortlisted for Best Horror Novel for Sallow Bend (Cemetery Dance) and Best Collection for The Fall: Tales From The Gulp 2 (13th Dragon Books), as well as Kathleen Jennings, who was shortlisted for Best Fantasy Novella for “Merry in Time” (Beneath Ceaseless Skies #352).

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