Christmas Wrap-Up

Dec 14, 2014 | Author news, News & Articles

This has been a big year – the BIGGEST year – for AAPS. Thanks for playing along via social media, email, in-real-life meetings and, most importantly, by buying books! AAPS is ending the year with 16 amazing authors and twelve published books.

So, in a shameless Christmas spruik, if you’re looking for print or ebooks, for yourself or gift giving, consider one of these beauties…

Adult crime/con artist Chasing The Ace by Nicholas J. Johnson. Friendship and fraud is a dangerous mix. Print and ebook.


Adult dark urban fantasy Bound by Alan Baxter (Book 1 in Alex Caine series). Monsters and martial arts in a fast paced action adventure. Print and ebook. Sequels Obsidian and Abduction available in ebook .

YA supernatural Shadowboxer by Tricia Sullivan.

Thai martial arts, international crime, celebrity and mythical creatures combine in this masterful new tale of two people facing incredible dangers, from award-winning author Tricia Sullivan. Available in print and ebook.



Zombie action adventure with romance (it’s a a zom-rom-com!) A Single Girl’s Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse by JT Clay. It’s the old story. Girl meets boy. Girl loses boy. Zombies attack. Available in ebook.
Steamy paranormal romance, Dark Moon by Leisl Leighton (Witches and werewolves, dark curses and conspiracies), and Sorcerer’s Spell by Dani Kristoff (Sorcery, body swapping and curses needing to be broken), both available in ebook. 


Contemporary romance perfect for a summer beach read, For One Night Only by Phillipa Fioretti.  In Italy, passion and danger share the same bed…
Urban fantasy post-apocalypse meets dragons with Donna Maree Hanson’s Dragonwine duology, Shatterwing and Skywatcher.
Rounding out with bestselling fantasy author Kylie Chan’s Demon Child, book 8 in her fabulously addictive series Chinese mythology series.  Start with White Tiger and watch out for the final book in 2015.

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