AAPS Abroad: Readercon, New York, and RWAmerica

Sep 1, 2017 | News & Articles

Alex in NY right way upWell, we’re back from an incredible trip to the United States!

Alex, assistant Catherine, and award-winning author-illustrator Kathleen Jennings touched down in Boston, MA in July to make up the Australian contingent at Readercon 28. The program was packed with fantastic authors, illustrators, agents, and publishers from across the world – and, of course, readers who were passionate about books. The AAPS team had an incredible time over the four-day convention, meeting established and upcoming writers, as well as connecting with publishers from the US and beyond.

After bidding a tearful goodbye to Boston, and improperly laden with more books than could fit in their stowed luggage, the AAPS team headed to New York. Over the whole trip, Alex met with over 40 publishers, editors and agents – but still managed to sneak in a viewing of Hamilton on Broadway.

Alex in NY 2Freshly laden with even more books, seriously, please help us the AAPS team parted ways, as Catherine departed for the wild maple-scented depths of Canada, and Alex boarded a plane for the steaming swamps of Florida, and the Romance Writers of America conference…

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