A new agent joins the team

Jun 23, 2023 | News & Articles

Alex and Rochelle are very excited to announce that Abigail Nathan is joining Alex Adsett Literary as “Agent At Large”. We decided on Agent at Large because Abigail comes to us with a wealth of experience from her career as an editor, and will continue to run her successful editorial business, but now under the umbrella of AAL, she will also be seeking authors to work with on an ongoing basis as their representative. As an agent, Abigail will be looking for engaging plots and convincing characters. Something that will keep her turning the pages and that will stay with her after she’s finished reading. Above all, she’s looking for great stories, told well – fiction in general and all things genre: sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, horror, crime, thriller, romance (and any combination of those), for adult, YA or middle grade. To keep the ethical line in the sand as straight as we can,  Abigail is unable to take submissions for manuscripts she has worked on previously as an editor, mentor or coach. Authors can submit to Abigail HERE.

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