Nicholas J. Johnson

Nicholas J. Johnson (aka Tricky Nick) is an Australian magician and author who loves doing the impossible.

Nicholas (literally) grew up in the circus, and by the time he turned ten, was a professional working magician. As a teenager, while his friends were working fast food jobs, Nicholas was a regular fixture on the kid’s party circuit, performing as “Tricky Nick the Magician” and living off a steady diet of fairy bread and birthday cake.

Today, Nicholas is one of Australia’s leading entertainers and speakers. Bringing the silly for kids and the savvy for adults, Nicholas works his magic for all ages. From performing a single card trick for 10,000 high school kids at Adelaide Entertainment Centre to pickpocketing top-ranking officers of the AFP to consulting for everyone from Circus Oz to the prison drama Wentworth, Nicholas is the go-to when it comes to hocus pocus.

Under his second pseudonym of “The Honest Con Man” Nicholas exposes the tricks behind the tricks and the sneaky reasons why we’re scammed, tricked and bamboozled. He’s spilled the beans of his trade on The Project, A Current Affair, Sunrise and TODAY and was a regular on Channel 9’s Kids’ WB.

Nicholas is the host of the monthly magic show Sleight Night, as well as a regular performer at Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne Magic Festival, Edinburgh Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festival, where his shows were nominated for the Golden Gibbo Award and won the Moosehead Award.

Currently a guest curator at State Library Victoria, Nicholas is working with the WG Alma Conjuring Collection. He is also performing a new show for families Tricky Nick is Crafty at Melbourne Magic Festival in July 2020, teaching kids how to make magic out of cardboard boxes, sticky tape and way too much glitter.

Nicholas is the author of two books for adults, Chasing the Ace (which was nominated for a Ned Kelly Award for Best First Fiction) and Fast and Loose.

Tricky Nick is his first book for children. An early review by Hendrix, age 10, of Sydney, says “This book is definitely gonna become one of my favourite reads of the year. I bet it will become a bestseller.”

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