Mel Campbell and Anthony Morris

Mel CampbellMel Campbell is professionally curious about popular culture. She researches and writes about film and television, clothing and costume, books and ideas, media and consumer culture, and the wonderful, underrated banalities of everyday life. Her first book Out of Shape was published by Affirm Press in 2013.  She has written for JunkeeCrikey, The GuardianNew Matilda, Spook MagazineOverlandThe Lifted Brow and the Wheeler Centre.  She drinks vast quantities of tea and enjoys wearing bright and jaunty colours. And always is full of ideas and enthusiasm for doing things differently. More information is available on her website.


Anthony MorrisAnthony Morris is a freelance journalist who has been writing about films for the last 15 years. He writes regularly for a variety of publications, including Empire magazine, SBS Online and Junkee, and is the DVD editor of the Big Issue. He can be found on twitter at @morrbeat.

Together Mel and Anthony are the authors of rom coms The Hot Guy, published by Echo/Bonnier in 2017, and Nailed It! published in 2019.

Books by Mel Campbell and Anthony Morris

  • Published: 2019

  • Published: 2017