Fiona Harris

Fiona has penned several books over the past few years, including two adult fiction novels, The Drop-off and The Pick-up, five books in Sam Kerr’s junior fiction series, Kicking Goals, 97-year-old holocaust survivor Abram Goldberg’s memoir – The Strength of Hope, five books in Liz Watson’s junior fiction series, Diary of a Netball Star, three books in the Trolls series for Dreamworks, No Apologies, co-written with Sharni Layton, and two picture books for footballer, Marcus Bontompelli. 

Fiona also co-authored the children’s book series, The Super Moopers, with Sally Rippin, and has written four books in the Miraculous kids book series, based on the animated TV series. Head scriptwriter on ABC3 kid’s television series, Prank Patrol, Fiona also worked as a story consultant on such television shows as Bed of Roses, The Time of Our Lives and Seven Types of Ambiguity. 

In 2019, Fiona co-wrote and co-starred in the internationally award-winning comedy web series, The Drop Off, with her husband, Mike McLeish. Channel 9 screened a telemovie version of the show in 2021.  She has performed in, and written, numerous theatre productions, including the hit show, Plus One, for MICF with Mike, and co-starred and co-wrote on various television sketch comedy series’, including Channel Ten’s SkitHouse.

Books by Fiona Harris

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