Published: 2022

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Voices within Mental Health
Editors: David Stavanger, Radhiah Chowdhury, Mohammad Awad

This groundbreaking collection documents the state of mental health in Australia, foregrounding a wide range of voices with lived experience defining themselves beyond a diagnosis.

Admissions showcases more than one hundred works: poems, essays, lyrics, fiction and illustrations from some of our leading writers, comedians and public figures, challenging prescribed notions of illness, recovery, treatment and trauma while reclaiming language as an act of mad pride.

Including work by:
Sara M. Saleh | Grace Tame | Felicity Ward | Shastra Deo Nat’s What I Reckon Helena Fox Krissy Kneen Christine Anu Elizabeth Tan Justin Heazlewood Kristen Dunphy Jennifer Wong Fiona Wright Amani Haydar Omar Sakr Ellen van Neerven Ali Cobby Eckermann Anna Spargo-Ryan | Eunice Andrada Steven Oliver Sam Twyford-Moore | Heidi Everett And many more…