Published: 2016

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Abduction (Alex Caine #3)

The past often catches up with you, but when it’s Alex Caine’s past the results can be deadly.

Published by HarperVoyager in AU+NZ, Gryphonwood Press (Rest of the World)
ISBN: 978 0732 299125 (Paperback)
ISBN: 978 1460 702888 (ebook)

Alex Caine has been suffering the weight of the world, and some days it’s hard to even get out of bed. Alone one night, he is abducted from the mortal realm. Silhouette, desperate to save her lover, calls in Armour, but the organisation seems reluctant to help.

Claude Darvill, his fragile alliance with Alex at an end, is still searching for the remains of his father, Robert Hood. In the frozen wastes of Iceland, Darvill is driven by a deep-burning grudge and a need for revenge.

Silhouette must overcome her greatest fears and use all her skills to locate Alex. But even if she can find him, that’s only the start of their problems.