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Since 2012, Alex Adsett Publishing Services and its agents have expanded to become a full service literary agency.  AAPS represents an amazing group of talented authors and is looking to grow in 2016.   Along with our original focus on genre fiction manuscripts in SFF, crime & mystery, and romance,  we are now representing children’s picture books, literary fiction and literary non-fiction.

Although we are always on the look out for amazing works, we are not currently accepting open submissions.  We will always accept suitable manuscripts  from authors we know or meet, or by way of  personal recommendations from publishing professionals,  but otherwise keep an eye on our Where Will We Be In 2017 for manuscript pitching   opportunities.

If you need commercial consultancy advice on a publishing contract or other matter, please contact us via our Consultancy.

More details on our authors are available here.

Important information before you submit . . .

The Deal

If your manuscript is accepted for representation, our Agents will submit your work to suitable trade publishers in Australia and overseas, negotiate your contract, and collect royalties on your behalf from publishers, review royalty statements and remit royalties to you (less our commission).

Agency services are distinct from the consultancy and contract advisory services we otherwise provide.  If you appoint AAPS to represent you and your manuscript to publishers, a 15% commission will be deducted from any deal that is initiated by AAPS, whereas if AAPS is only reviewing or negotiating your existing contract offer a one off flat fee will be charged.  You will never be charged for both contract services and agency services.

As an agency client, you will never be charged up front fees. Be wary of any agent who both takes a commission and charges you an upfront fee. For example, you should never be asked to pay a reading fee or manuscript assessment fee as well as a commission on your income as an author.

Alex Adsett Publishing Services or its employees receive no financial reward from publishers for directing your manuscript to them (except via your commission) and, if we have been unsuccessful in partnering you with a commercial publisher, you may terminate the agency agreement before exploring any other publishing or self-publishing options.


old-books-vintage-background ccIn Australia, having an agent is a choice not a necessity. Approximately 60% of books published in Australia are not represented by an agent, and many publishers have avenues available for manuscripts to be submitted directly by authors. Although having a good agent will increase your manuscript’s chance of being meaningfully considered, it is not the only avenue. The situation in Australia is in stark contrast to the US and UK where almost the only way to reach a publisher is via an agent.

An agent will generally offer four valuable services to an author: i) matching you with a commercial publisher ii) negotiating your contract iii) keeping an eye on the financials iv) assisting you manage your long term writing career.

If you have already been offered a contract by a publisher, then you have surmounted the first hurdle on your own. If you are not confident negotiating your own contract, AAPS can help review and negotiate on a freelance basis, an accountant can help with the financials and many authors choose to manage their own careers.

If you have already received a publishing offer, think long and hard about whether you really want or need an agent.

Saying that, many authors adore having an agent. They can get on with writing, and leave the business side of things to their agent to manage. Alex Adsett Publishing Services is passionate about the publishing industry, and keen to champion high quality works for commercial publication. It is a tough time for the established publishing industry, but exciting new books will continue to be published and AAPS hopes to be part of that journey.

Halloween_Vintage_01 ccFor more information on whether or not you need an agent, agenting standards and codes of practice, please refer to the Australian Literary Agents Association or Writers Beware: Agents.

Submission Guidelines

Please ensure the manuscript is as polished as you can make it. The first draft is almost never going to be the best or final draft, so if you haven’t already, edit, edit, edit. In most cases, you will have the one opportunity to make a good first impression with an agent or a publisher, make sure that opportunity counts.

We will generally request manuscripts be sent electronically in word document form with a one page synopsis. Please remember to include your name, manuscript title and page number in the header or footer of each page.

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