Frankfurt Book Fair 2015

Publishers Represented & Key Titles #fbm15

This year Martin Shaw of AAPS will be acting as a sub-agent for a number of leading Australian independent publishers. Please find a list of titles below with links to full title information. PDFs of all titles available on request.

Jon Anderson and Rodney Hogg – Speed Thrills
Mel Campbell – Out of Shape
Greg Chappell – Throw Hit Catch
Simone Egger and Ruby Ashby Orr – The Home Barista
Kate James – Believe in Yourself
Alex Miles – 60 Secrets for a Happy Bride
Ruby Ashby Orr and Michael Weldon – Death by Coconut
Alice Robinson – Anchor Point
Guy Rundle – A Revolution in the Making
Luke Ryan – A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Chemo
Rochelle Siemienowicz – Fallen
Andrew Thompson and Andrew Weldon – The Suppository of All Wisdom

Paul Dalgarno – And You May Find Yourself
Eli Glasman – The Boy’s Own Manual to Being a Proper Jew

Poe Ballantine – Guidelines for Mountain Lion Safety
John Burbidge – The Boatman: An Indian Love Story
Margi Gibb – Killed by a Deer
Patrick Holland – One
John Kinsella – Crow’s Breath
William Lane – The Horses
William Lane – The Salamanders
A.S. Patric – Atlantic Black
A.S. Patric – Black Rock White City
Robert Power – Tidetown
Hugo Race – Road Series
Jane Rawson and James Whitmore – The Handbook: Surviving and Living with Climate Change
Tracy Ryan – Claustrophobia
Catherinde Saint Phalle – On Brunswick Ground
Kip Scott – Abandoned India
Nike Sulway – Dying in the First Person
Dominique Wilson – That Devil’s Madness
Geraldine Wooller – Trio
Backlist Highlights

Kylie Bullo – Reaching for the Canopy
David Carlin – The Abyssinian Contortionist
Amanda Curtin – The Sinkings
Anna Enquist – Counterpoint
John Hughes – The Remnants
Ida Jessen – The Children
S.A. Jones – Isabelle of the Moon and Stars
Susan Prescott – Origins
Xavier Toby – Mining My Own Business

Robin Barker – Close to Home
Ali MC – The Eyeball End
Dr. Arne Rubinstein – The Making of Men
Adam Spencer – Big Book of Numbers
Adam Spencer – Enormous Book of Numbers
Adam Spencer – World of Numbers
Leah Swann – Irina and the Lost Book
Viva la Novella 2015 Winners

Reading Copy Requests

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