Alex Adsett Publishing Services offers advice to authors who need help understanding the publishing industry, the business of publishing or negotiating a publishing contract. It can provide reassurance that the agreement about to be signed is consistent with Australian publishing standards and has no hidden traps.  With its broad publishing experience, AAPS can also help negotiate directly with your publisher, close a subsidiary rights deal, and review or amend existing contracts. Alex Adsett has successfully finalised author contracts, film agreements, translation and overseas deals, and all manner of licenses.  If you have received a publishing contract or publishing offer, contact Alex on

AAPS Consultancy Fee: $120/hour*.


AAPS can offer advice on your initial publishing offer at capped rate of $120


For free:

(i) Initial contact emails or request for quotes are, of course, free.

(ii) If after a cursory initial assessment it appears  likely AAPS will advise you not to sign acontract, you will be notified before incurring any charges, and given the opportunity to decide whether to continue with the contract review or not.

*Variations to Hourly Rate:

(i) A discounted rate of $110/hour is available to members of the Queensland, Victorian and ACT Writers’ Centre, and members of the Australian Romance Writers Association.

(ii) Author advances above $20,000: If the author is due to receive a total advance payment of $20,000 or more from the licensor (eg publisher or film producer), AAPS’s fee for services may be 5% of the total advance payment in lieu of the hourly rate (by agreement with you).

What you get:

(i) Advice on initial publishing offer – Often the big deal terms (Advance, royalties, territories) are dealt with in the publisher’s initial offer to you. Sometimes this offer is verbal, email or letter, or a formal document requiring a signature. Either way, once you have agreed these terms at the offer stage it is difficult to revisit them when negotiating all the other terms included in the subsequent contract. For the capped rate of $120, AAPS will review your offer document and provide advice on whether or not it is fair and in keeping with publishing industry standards, and outline strategies for improving your overall deal.

(ii) Commercial contract review – After the offer is agreed, the publisher will send the author the full contract. AAPS will review the contract for you on a commercial basis, and give you a detailed written report identifying publishing issues, irregularities and outlining any terms that are not in keeping with industry standard, unfair, unreasonable or otherwise not in your favour. The report will include suggestions and strategies for improving the commercial terms of the contract, and arm you with the information you need to negotiate directly with the publisher. A review and written report take approximately four to five hours to complete.  Authors may also request a quicker high level contract advice touching on key points only.

(iii) Negotiating – Instead of using the advice provided to negotiate directly with the publisher, authors may ask AAPS to work with them in their negotiations or negotiate on their behalf. Negotiations may take anywhere from an extra hour to ten or more hours, but AAPS will liaise with you along the way, and can agree caps on time spent on the project, subject at all times to the author’s ongoing approval. AAPS can offer ongoing advice and support, help draft your responses to publishers’ contracts, and offer negotiating strategies along the way.

(iv) General publishing advice – If you are a little lost or unsure about publishing directions, strategies or options, AAPS offers general consultancy services in person (in Brisbane, or at key date interstate), by phone or skype, or by email.


If you require assistance clearing permissions in your manuscript, AAPS now provides a permissions service at a lower hourly rate or flat fee, to be agreed.


Consultancy: Publishers

AAPS offers its services to emerging or established book publishers who do not have a dedicated contracts department and feel they would benefit from general commercial advice, including trends in the publishing industry, digital publishing and assistance with reviewing or negotiating contracts.

With its broad publishing experience, AAPS can provide strategic business or commercial contract advice, help negotiate with your authors, close a subsidiary rights deal, and review or amend existing contracts. Alex Adsett has successfully finalised author contracts, ebook licenses, film agreements, translation and overseas deals, and all manner of licenses.  She works with many publishers around Australia, and serves on the board of the Small Press Network.

Fees and charges

$120 per hour.  Capped fees or tiered rates by negotiation.

Services may include:

  • Commercial publishing advice;
  • Strategic development;
  • Review of author contracts – identifying commercial inconsistencies and standard clauses;
  • Advising on author negotiations or negotiating directly with authors, and
  • Advising on or negotiating directly with third parties, including overseas publishers or film producers.

Please note, Alex Adsett Publishing Services does not provide legal advice or the services of a solicitor. It does provide commercial publishing business and contract advice based on Alex Adsett’s publishing experience and training. Please contact a solicitor if you require legal advice.